Tuesday Tips | Volume 11 | Your Vermont Wedding Planner

Greetings from a warm and rainy Vermont.  It's days like this that you know Spring, or really Mud Season, is right around the corner.  Mud Season, well,  pretty easy to figure out what that is, and it hits for a few weeks right before our true Spring.  We've been busy watching lots of the Olympic coverage with our girls this past week.  So many of the insanely talented athletes started right here in our little mighty state of Vermont.  It's amazing to watch them on the big stage.  In other news, there are several battles going on here in the state to make things legal...  so today, let's talk about how to make it legal in Vermont.

How To Make Your Marriage Legal in Vermont

In the state of Vermont you need to be at least 18 years of age to get married.  I believe you can be 16 with your parents consent but I don't even want go there today or ever.  Thankfully, you do not need to be a  resident to get married in the Green Mountain State. Marriage licenses are issued by our town clerks.  They all have unique days and hours of business so it's important to check ahead with the town office of your choice to make sure you don't miss them.  If you or your spouse are a VT residence you must go to the town office where you reside to buy your license.  If neither of you are residents, you can go to any town office in the state of Vermont. There are no blood tests or waiting times required to get your license but you may need a birth certificate, or divorce decree from any previous marriages.  It's really quite simple and the clerk will walk you right through it.   You can obtain your marriage up to 60 days before the big day. During those 60 days you must have an authorized person perform your wedding ceremony.  The cost of the license in Vermont is $60.  It's that easy to get your marriage license here in VT.  Next week.... who can marry you and what do you do with the license after your wedding day.

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