Tuesday Tips | Volume 19 | Your Vermont Wedding Planner

Do We Need To Hire A Bar Service For Our Vermont Wedding? 

This is a question that we often get asked.  But let's break it down to a specific example, a wedding at your home or on your private property.  This is the question we MOST often get asked.   Do we really need to pay a bar service to work the wedding if it's in our backyard?  That's they key, 'in our backyard' or at my parents home, you get the picture.  The answer is technically, no.  No, you do not NEED to hire a bar service if the wedding is being held at your home or on your private property. Title 7 VSA Section 61 states "The only place you can furnish alcohol without a license is in your own home" (A person, partnership, association, or corporation shall not furnish or sell, or expose or keep with intent to sell, any malt or vinous beverages, spirits, or fortified wines, or manufacture, sell, barter, transport, import, export, deliver, prescribe, furnish, or possess any alcohol, except as authorized by this title. However, this chapter shall not apply to the furnishing of such beverages or spirits by a person in his or her private dwelling unless such dwelling becomes a place of public resort...)

Now that we know that you do not need to hire a bar service for a wedding at your home in Vermont, let's talk about all the reasons why I strongly suggest that you DO hire a bar service, next week....