Tuesday Tips | Volume 20 | Your Vermont Wedding Planner

Spring is here!  Really, really here!  I won't even tell you that it snowed last week...  we need to put that behind us and move on to sunny blue skies and lilacs.  Is that too much to ask for in May? :)  Our last entry was on bar service and what the laws are for a private home wedding in Vermont. As promised this week we will chat about the reasons I truly think you should hire a professional bar service even if you don't technically have to.  

Reasons To Hire A Professional Bar Service For Your Wedding

Like we mentioned above, in our last tip we learned about some of the reasons why you may not need to have a professional bar service at your wedding.  I'm sure this might like seem a great place to save money but before you get really excited I would love to chat more about the reasons why I strongly suggest you do hire a bar service for your big day and it has more to do with the amount of ice you will need to make it happen.... ice!  You have no idea how much ice you will need.  We are talking hundreds of pounds.  And where will you store it all?  OK, back to the list below....

1. A professional bar service will be able to guide you through the process of what is needed to fully stock the bar.  They understand what to buy and how much is needed.  They will come with everything it takes to make the day work and flow smoothly from the best local craft beers to your favorite wine, maybe your Dad's favorite scotch right down to the lemons, limes, cucumbers and mint.  

2. A professional bar services will set up and clean up for you. They will keep the bar area looking clean and organized.  They will haul away all the bottles at the end of the night too.  Take it from someone who hauled over a dozen very heavy barrels of bottle to the street after one wedding... this is huge! Not to mention, they are fast and efficient at what they do and keep your guests happy while moving them along so they can wait on the next guest.

3. Your professional bar service comes with an added bonus too which is a liability insurance policy.  They are licensed by the state and properly insured.  This comes back around to the homeowner too... last week we talked about the reasons why you wouldn't need to have this service but this might be the biggest reason why I would chose to use them.

4.  These bar services serve responsibly.  All of the bartenders and bar backs have been trained by the state.  They are able to detect when a guest may have had enough and when it's time to shut someone off.  They have no feelings involved, which is what you need.  It's a matter of keeping your guests safe and obeying the laws.

I know, some of you are still like, but Randi it might save us some money!  How hard could it be?

Let's also hear from Lindsey Leichthammer, the Director of Catering for The Farmhouse Group, who offers superb catering and bartending services throughout Vermont... she has a way of explaining it too.

        "There are a few reasons why it's best practice to hire a bar service for a wedding on your home and/or property. The first of which is safety. Bartenders aren't just there to pour your Moscow Mules, they provide trained supervision of your guests and monitor consumption for the safety of you and your guests.. Leaving your wedding guests open to judge their own consumption in such a festive environment can lead to many issues: from Uncle Billy asserting his dance moves with his tie securely around his forehead to more serious accidents or drunk driving. Second - stemming from possible accidents - is liability. Bar services are equipped with liability insurance to protect those involved. Otherwise the homeowner is subject to liability for anything that should occur where liquor is being served. Lastly, time is money. A big motivator for the DIY bar is "I can go to New Hampshire, skip the taxes and avoid the markup" However, that also requires transport, storage, chilling of product at east 24 hours in advance (and the ice to do that) ice on the day of (4-600lbs!) the cleanup, recycling removal, etc. Throwing a backyard BBQ for 30 guests and supplying the bar is one thing, but a formal or semi formal affair with 200 of your closest pals is worlds away. Remember that time is money - Don't underestimate how long it takes to secure, set up, break down and clean up any alcohol related items. Having a bar service move everything IN and OUT, as well as provide service to your guests throughout the event, may relive numerous headaches and stress. The week of your wedding, you want to be focused on hosting all of your friends and family, not becoming frantic about foamy kegs with party taps."

And there you have it.  Words of wisdom, not only from me, but also the legendary Lindsay Leichthammer who besides running the catering division over at Farmhouse Group is also the President of Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals.  See!  She's a Vermont Wedding Industry Superstar!  I wouldn't quote anyone less.  Take it from us, hiring a professional bar service on your wedding day might just be the best thing you could do!  You'll thank us later.

Come back next week for a fresh new tip.  ~Randi