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Our whole family seems to have settled into 2019 nicely. The girls are busy with volleyball, basketball, tennis and piano, as usual. Mid-terms are over for our highschooler :) And thank God for that because she had 5 days off in a row due to exam scheduling. The new year boom for our business is slowing down and we are on-boarding 3 new couples. So excited about that! Personally, I am working on eating healthier by cutting out sugar and processed food. Why do I ever let those items creep back in? I feel so focused and on top of everything without them. Now, if the snow would just melt a little I would be out walking each day too. Thankfully my bike fits on a trainer in my office. I can feel Spring coming. I know it will be here by, oh May, I hope. As we close in on spring and wedding season it’s also a time when a lot of our clients are working on invitation design and with that the question always comes up….

When Should I Send Out My Wedding Invitations

Invitation design by Christa Alexandra Designs

Invitation design by Christa Alexandra Designs

I’m going to start with a similar first line to the one I used in last weeks blog when we discussed your RSVP date. Our full planning brides do not have to ask when they need to send their invitations because it’s always added into their planning checklist but it is something we often discuss. I was just chatting with one of my brides about this topic the other day. I picked the send date for her that seems appropriate for me and her invitation designer had a slightly different one. This happens all the time and that is OK. It gives us the chance to chat about the pros and cons and which date works best. One of the first things I try to avoid when suggesting a send date are holidays and big vacation weeks such as the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas or the week of July 4th. Most invitation designers suggest that you send your invites out about 8 weeks before the wedding. This would be considered proper etiquette in many circles. I like to suggest 10-12 weeks before the wedding. The reason for my send date suggestion is that we like you to have an earlier RSVP date than your invitation designer suggests. And it all comes back around to when your vendors need their numbers by and how many guests you might have to track down when they forget to respond. Also, don’t forget that a lot of your hotel blocks pull the discounted rooms about 60 days before your wedding so if you send them 8 weeks out and your guests haven’t booked a room yet, they may lose their discount. While there is no perfect answer I always suggest that we compromise and fall somewhere in the middle of 8-12 weeks period before your wedding day. The earlier your invitations go out, the earlier you have your RSVP’s and the less stress on you as we get closer to the big day.

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