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Hello from Vermont! This week our hearts are with our friends in Scituate who were pummeled by the high surf from the Nor'easter over the weekend. I hope everyone has time to secure their homes before the next storm moves in tomorrow. OK, let's talk about something near and dear to my heart... flowers, more importantly, a bridal bouquet.  During my floral design years, making the bridal bouquet was always the highlight of my week.  It was the icing on the cake for sure. This week let's chat about how to hold your bouquet so it looks great on video or in pictures.  

How To Hold Your Bridal Bouquet

How to hold your bridal bouquet.  Seems like such an easy thing to do, doesn't it?  It is, but with a little guidance we can make sure you have it positioned in your pictures so it doesn't cut off your dress or draw attention to an area you would rather not.  I've always felt it was so much easier to explain this technique in person when handing off a bouquet to a bride.  You should loosely hold the bouquet with two hands close to the flowers, high up on the stems. You should relax your arms and let your elbows point out slightly while your arms were bent just a bit more than 90 degrees.  When we were in the bouquet making business we always placed a pearl pin in the back as a guide so that you would know you had the back facing you.  If your thumb was on that pin then the best side was always facing forward.  Like I said, it's so much easier to show you how to do this in person.  Thankfully for us one of Vermont's premiere floral designers Sarah Jo Willey of Creative Muse Floral Design has a video about this very topic.  Sarah Jo truly is an expert in this field and she has valuable insight.  Pay close attention as we hit the 2:30 mark.

Special thanks to SJ  for sharing her video with me.

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