Tuesday Tips | Volume 14 | Your Vermont Wedding Planner

Daylight savings is finally here.  Last night it was still light out at 6:30 PM.  Now if Mother Nature would only turn off this snow.  We are at the start of our third Nor'easter in three weeks.  I do think my girls will be thrilled to get in a few more days of sledding though.  As we inch closer to wedding season we've had a lot of our couples asking for help on the grooms attire.  So today let's tackle one option, the suit.

Wearing A Suit on Your Wedding Day

Let's get right to it.  When deciding to wear a suit on your wedding day a few things should be considered; the location of the wedding and what the bride is wearing.  Once you have decided that a suit would work, you will need to decide on the best location to purchase or have it custom made. The biggest advantage to wearing a suit on your wedding day is that you will have many opportunities to reuse it after the day is over. Consider the suit a long term investment. Unless you often attend black tie affairs, a suit might the perfect answer for your day.  In Vermont we see a mix of 60% suits and 40% tuxes. Tradition says you should strongly consider a deep navy or charcoal suit with black shoes. You can see in the above picture, shot at Topnotch Resort in Stowe, Vermont, that, Atang, our dashing groom, nailed this rule.  All of the the guys in his wedding were on point with their attire.  Ideally, when thinking about a suit you should think timeless and classic over trendy.  Often it's best to add a white shirt and classic tie to the suit.  If you want to be a bit more formal you can consider a vest.  A few ways to express yourself and really make the look  'all yours' would be to consider cool socks, suspenders or a bowtie; but please, I beg of you to never wear flip flops on your wedding day.  My last piece of advice that I feel very strongly about... have your suit custom made or tailored by a professional.  It makes a huge difference! 

Atang's suit was custom made at Blank Label in Boston. Our couple mentioned that Blank Label was great to work with too.

Let's chat about the tuxedo next week.