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Greeting from a STILL cold and snowy Vermont.  Are you wondering if I wrote this a few months ago?  Nope, it's March 20th.  But don't you worry, Spring will be here, soon, maybe, I hope.   Sometimes winter likes to hold on here for the skiers but I do hope the daffodils are popping up very soon.  Last week we chatted about the Groom's attire.  Without a doubt, I feel like this subject is just as important as what our bride is wearing.  So let's continue on the topic of Groom's attire.

Wearing A Tuxedo On Your Wedding Day

Photo by Jennifer Mardus Photography

Photo by Jennifer Mardus Photography

Last week we chatted about wearing a suit to your wedding.  This week we will focus on the tuxedo. The tuxedo is the formal brother of the suit. When deciding to wear a tuxedo on your wedding day you should consider the location of the wedding and what the bride is wearing.  Typically the only difference between a suit and a tuxedo is the presence of silk satin lapels and stripe down the side of the trousers.  So, should you wear a tuxedo? There are no hard fast rules anymore but usually tuxedos are worn on very special days.  Your wedding day is that very special day.  There is nothing quite as sharp as a custom made tuxedo like the ones you see on Alexander and his brothers, in the above image.  Once you decide to have a tuxedo custom made, you will need to work with a designer on the stye that you like best.  But don't worry, they will walk you right through the process and the fittings. You will also need a few accessories to complete the look. You will need to decide on the type of jacket lining you like best to really personalize the look along with a formal collared shirt; the most common options being the the wing tip or spread collar. You'll also need to decide on the cuff style, sock and tie options.  For cuffs, I personally think the french look very sharp.  As for ties, while there is no rule you must wear a bow tie with a tux, you should.  A bow tie just looks great. It's a statement piece to pull the tux together.  Traditionally you would go black or white but these days patterns are very popular too.  And from here you can talk to your tuxedo designer about suspenders, shoe options and pocket square among other things.  Consider the tuxedo an investment, just like a wedding dress but with a big perk.  With a tux there is a good chance you will wear it again, like at your next black tie affair, where as wedding dresses are often cleaned and tucked away for safe keeping and future generations.  Of course, renting a tuxedo is always an option.  If you decide to rent, reach out to a local tuxedo rental shop in your area for help with the process.  

That last statement brings me to our topic for next week...  Dress Code.  

One of our recent grooms highly recommended 9Tailors in Boston for custom tuxedos.

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