Tuesday Tips | Volume 17 | Your Vermont Wedding Planner

The Best Way To Stretch Your Wedding Day Budget

Let's face it, weddings are expensive.  We often have couples ask us for ways to save money on their day so that they stay within their budget.  They've often been told by a well meaning friend or family member to ask for local, 'in season' flowers... this does not save you money in Vermont, that is for sure.  It's been suggested that they just purchase a 'cutting sheet cake' but really, it's your wedding day.  Do you want to serve a sheet cake?  I've heard that you can cut back on food... just no, to this suggestion.  You do not want hungry guests who spend the night drinking more to fill themselves up.   

Most of our clients have a vision, "the vision", the one that they have been planning and dreaming about.  Expectations are high on your wedding day.  You want it as close to perfect as possible.  This is probably the most expensive celebration you will ever have.  So how do you save on your wedding day without drastically compromising on your vision?  You cut the guest list. It's as simple as that, you cut back the number of guests you plan to invite.

Let me give you an example of how this breaks down.  If you have a budget of $75,000, which is pretty average; and let's say you have and estimated 150 guests.  That's a budget of about $500 per person.  As you are talking to vendors you realize that in order to have the day you want you are going to need at least $80,000. So where do you cut to get the budget back into the 75,000 range?  Do you cut out the stationary appetizer table?  No, that's definitely not going to make for happy wedding guests.  Do you cut the photographer?  Obviously not.  Do you go with a cash bar?  Guests will probably not appreciate that either, after traveling all the way to Vermont.  So the easiest thing to do is to cut your guest list back by a few.  If you cut 10 guests you would have approximately $4,000, maybe a little more.  You wouldn't have $5000 extra because some of your pricing is fixed like your venue, attire or photography costs.  But you would save on food, bar, flowers, linens, tables, place settings and transportation not to mention favors and invitations. Every little bit counts.  And you wouldn't compromise your vision. So remember...  when looking to save on your wedding day consider cutting the number of guests before you consider anything else.

I'll be back next week with another tip for your wedding. 

Your Vermont Wedding Planner ~Randi