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Happy 2019! Greeting from a snow covered Vermont. I can not believe another year has come and gone. So much is changing for us as our business continues to evolve into all it’s meant to be. You’ll see some of those changes coming later this year. We’ve been on this journey since 2003 and I can’t image doing anything else. Currently, we are focused on planning with our current 2019 brides and even have 2020 inquiries coming in… 2020! Since it is January we are still working on the big details like securing vendors and working through some of the bigger decisions but soon we move into the really fun stuff like small details that personalize each wedding AND all the timelines and spreadsheets for budgets and replies. Eeeeek! I love the spreadsheet as much as I love helping you design your day. Let’s move on to the very first Tuesday Tip from me, Randi Nonni, for 2019. WooHoo!

Things Will Go Wrong On Your Wedding Day

Did you read that title wrong? No. I’m telling you things will go wrong on your wedding day. Last night I was talking to a groom who said those exact words to me “I’ve been to enough weddings to know that things will go wrong on my wedding day.” He’s right. Then he added, “We just don’t want to know about any of it” Ahhh, that’s it! That’s the key to a great day… not knowing what might be going wrong behind the scenes. That is exactly where we come in. This is our strong suit. Peter, my husband and business partner, are at all of your weddings together. We are the foundation of a solid team of planners. We solve issues that come up or make decisions that need to be made in the moment when it’s happening. We take care of it for you. See that sweet photo above of our bride and her Dad taken at Trapp Family Lodge Right before this was taken, the brides flowers ended up locked in a room with no key. Thanks to our quick thinking assistant, Lucy, the crisis was diverted and all went off without a hitch but maybe 5 minutes behind schedule… which we made up later. It just happens. We are there to take care of it. Besides us, your vendors are there too. Together we hire the best vendors possible to work for you and with them we smooth over any issue that comes up. At the end of the day we there for you, your best interests and your vision. Those three things are always at the forefront of our mind. The comfort of your guests and their needs is a very close second. We always have your back so you can sit back on your wedding day and know that everything is taken care of. Your needs and creating a seamless experience on your wedding day are our top priorities.

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