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Greetings! Vermont truly feels like a winter wonderland this week. The trees are still covered in snow and thankfully the roads are once again clear from all that snow. We were hit with quite a few inches, or feet, last week. Our girls and the other kids in the neighborhood are back out sledding after school and sports each day too. I’ve been so thankful for the blue sky and sunshine these last few days. It just brings Vermont to life. And honestly, it brings me to life too. There is something about the winter sun that feels so good. Thinking of all of this sunshine has brought my thoughts right back to summer and wedding season. A lot of clients are getting ready to send out their save the dates and invitations. Let’s break it down to a single tip about invitations today.

How To Choose Your RSVP Date

Design and Image from  Christa Alexandra Designs

Design and Image from Christa Alexandra Designs

My full planning brides don’t usually have to ask when to schedule their RSVP date because it’s always added into their planning checklist but it is something we often discuss. Often you’ll be told, or read, that the date should be four weeks from your wedding day but that just doesn’t work for me and here is why… the dreaded “non-replier’s'“ you know, the stragglers. It kills me. The reason others suggest the four week mark is because most of your vendors need your guest count right about that time. As I mentioned though, it’s hard to get that number if you have a dozen or more guests that have not replied. This happens all the time. I would go so far as to say we have never had a wedding where everyone has replied on time. My best tip to you on picking an RSVP date is to make sure you give yourself enough time to contact all of the guests who do not reply on time. Sometimes it’s as easy as a quick text or email but we have seen it take weeks to get those responses. It’s important to have an accurate number for your vendors. More importantly, just imagine how it feels when that guest who forgot to reply shows up on your wedding day and there is no seat for them. Often it’s not a single guest but a couple so now we need to make room at tables that are already full for two guests. Obviously, we would handle this dilemma, and have, on a moments notice but it’s definitely an uncomfortable situation for the guest at that time. Now let’s get back to the date. My suggestion is to have an RSVP date that is at least 6 weeks before your wedding. You will not regret it!

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