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We Booked Our Vendors!

Often times we get an email that starts off - ‘We booked our vendors! It took us weeks and weeks of research and interviews but it’s finally done.’ After I read a message like this I always sigh and think - I could have saved you countless hours if you had just reached out a few weeks ago. We have a vast network of topnotch Vermont vendors to choose from. We work with you to get a feel for your style and design needs while taking into consideration your budget then help pair you with the best vendors for you and your day.

If you are newly engaged and planning a Vermont wedding we are here for you. Let’s get started today!

We hired Randi to help plan our Vermont wedding early in the planning process, and it was absolutely the best planning decision we made. Randi worked tirelessly to help us shape our wedding vision and then made that vision a reality in a way that vastly exceeded our expectations and made our guests feel welcomed and taken care of. Randi’s network of VT wedding vendors is vast, and she expertly guided us to the vendors that fit our personality and budget. There was no need for us to spend time interviewing endless vendors because Randi did that work for us. Randi is also very respectful of your budget, and will help you create a wedding that falls within your financial boundaries. Randi is extremely kind. Throughout the wedding planning process she checks in with you to make sure you’re doing well, and troubleshoots any areas of anxiety. I was not a bride who had the time or desire to get lost in the weeds with wedding planning, however I wanted my event to feel and look incredible. Because of Randi’s work behind the scenes I avoided endless meetings over silverware choice, room arrangement, etc., and my wedding was the best day I’ve ever had. Hire Randi, you will be amazed!
— Lizzy, Bride, UVM Alumni House