Getting started is easy…


Step 1

Tell me a little bit about yourself! Fill out an inquiry form by clicking here to share some details and set up a call with Randi. Whether you’ve secured vendors already or you’re just getting started, I’ll assess your specific planning needs and create a custom proposal that reflects how I can serve you best.


Do you need to add transportation?

Will we be building an event from the ground up?

Are there multiple events to coordinate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?


Step 2

Review the proposal, talk with your family and let me know how you’d like to proceed.


Would you like to include more than 1 contact person?

Do you have questions that require a follow up call?

Any budget requirements or overall planning concerns?


step 3

Planning begins. Again, whether you’re starting from square 1 and need to find a venue or you’ve started compiling your event team, I’ll keep you and your family on track, manage your schedule and make sure that none of the details slip through the cracks so you (and your family!) can sit back and enjoy the amazing party we just planned!


I’ll manage the spreadsheets.

And field dozens and dozens of vendor calls & follow-up e-mails with the other pros on our team.

Your overall planning will be easier, faster and more efficient…and on the day of your wedding, you can relax, enjoy and let me and the rest of your team handle all the work.


We realized quickly into our planning process that we could use some support. We were planning from across the country a wedding in Vermont at my parent’s house, up on a hill, with no electricity, running water, or easily accessible transportation for guests. We’re so happy we found Randi! As a day of/month of planner, she went above and beyond in the months before the wedding, getting on calls with us, answering the tons of questions I sent her by e-mail, coming up with checklists, and timelines and so much more. Her help coordinating vendors in the weeks before the wedding was key. Randi is professional, organized, encouraging, and such a huge support to couples going through this process. We couldn’t have done it without her! She seamlessly dealt with any issues, before, on the day of and following the wedding to help us navigate challenges with a vendor. Now that the wedding is over, I miss working with Randi! Very highly recommend her and her team.
— Kelsey, Bride, Private Property South Woodstock, VT